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She Wants to Hear Chicken Fried

                                    Bb        F                          
She wants to hear Chicken Fried,

                        C               Dm

sitting right there by my side
                       Bb          F                       C
We’re gonna sing all night by the firelight
                      Bb                 F            
Any we can dance if we want to,

               C                 Dm

we just kick off our shoes
              Bb               F          
We got nothing to lose,

                           A           Dm

gonna throw away our blues

       Bb, Bbm                       F
and I’ll……….. be loving you         

(end of song, repeat last chorus 3X)

Bb            F                                                
Sweet smoky smell of the grill

          C                                  Dm  

the warmth of the summer sun,

               Bb, F                  C

feeling high....... being alive
Bb           F                                                 
We met on the beach

                   C                      Dm

when the sun was going down,

             Bb     F                   C

you and I,               you and I

Bb                   F                                                          
She was the kind of girl that makes you

C                             Dm

feel on top of the world,

              Bb    F                C

hard to find,      hard to find

Bb                     F                                              
And it was the kind of night where

C                              Dm

everything’s going right,

                      Bb    F              C

the world is mine,   summertime

I said see you on the beach tonight


where everyone’s getting wild





Bb                               F                                          
Then our shadows danced on the sand

               C                              Dm

as the waves went splashing by,
               Bb     F                      C
feed the fire,            feed the fire

Bb                   F                                     
Well I had an ice cold beer

         C                           Dm  

and she was drinking wine,

               Bb      F                   C

looking fine,           looking fine

                Bb                                  F                          
She was sitting next to me on a beach log,

                 C                    Dm                

she was singing every song,

                Bb    F                  C  

singing high,        singing high

Bb                                F                                  
Then she started to dance on the sand

                 C                       Dm

and my heart was in her hand,
                Bb   F                        C
she was mine,          she was mine

It was almost the end of the night


but the fire was still burning bright




Dm                           C                                          
So take me to the beach,


where you and I can reach a place in space and time
            F                           G              A 
we’ll waist our mind, an ace we’ll find

Dm                           C                          
So hold on to the night,


hold on to me tight,


the fire’s burning bright.

(CHORUS CHORDS for solo and last chorus)

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